Massive space station composed of smaller ships attached to a larger one

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Web3 Branding Agency

Branding, UI/UX, and Web Development

After checking out, complete our Design Brief Questionnaire.
We'll personally reach out to get right to work.

The Degen Freelance Network: Gig Marketplace

gain exp and earn tokens by collaborating on-chain

After checking out, complete our Design Brief Questionnaire.
We'll post it to our Token-gated Job Board of pros.

We're a creative agency for Web 3

EARN ROYALTIES by CREATing and or Trading digital aSSETS

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Submit a project brief, the founder himself will complete your request or he'll post a Bounty on your behalf to our jobs board to art direct your project with other top talent.

Claim & complete Bounties to earn cash

We're promoting speed by incentivizing Creators to pay attention to the Bounty Board by rewarding claimed bounties with the USD equivalent of 25% of the Bounty in POCKETFUEL.

The Decentralized Freelance Network

Members of the PocketFuel DFN, or Decentralized Freelance Network earn tokens by voting and deciding on changes to the network. To join, earn, purchase and stake POCKETFUEL Tokens.

Crowdfunded ILO

50% of the funds raised will be locked away as liquidity and staking rewards. 30% will be locked away to pay team salaries and spark growth and development within the community as a whole. The community is entitled to 80% of the tokens.

Seeking Strategic Partnerships

We're seeking Strategic Partners to help us build the DFN DAPP and integrate Solana compatible wallets.

POCKETFUEL ILO presale tokens

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Brand discovery, logo design and style guide

Your company's number one identifying feature. The first 7 seconds of a lasting impression. What we create in this phase will largely shape the look and feel of your brand for years to come.

A small space ship. Part of a larger whole.

What does a Web3 branding Agency do?

Brand illustration, identity design, Content, Marketing, and more

Led by a Core Team of talented and motivated Creators and Investors, the Web3 branding agency, employs those who've chosen to stake their time, talent, and reputations on the Solana Network and the blockchain principles we hold near and dear.

Decentralized Freelance network

Or should we say Degen Freelance Network?

The Web3 design agency is of course centralized. That's why for our more Degen customers, we're building the CrayonDAOO. Soon our customers will be able to post Project Bounties to our token-gated Web3 Job Board, aka CrayonDAOO.

A larger ship that smaller ships latch onto to form a massive space station
An image of a black Degenerate Trash Panda wearing a red and black plaid shirt with crayons in the chest pocket.

Decentralized Freelance network

Why should I mint NFTs of my digital brand assets?

Creators can earn royalties on the sale of their NFTs. Investors gain easily tradable digital assets backed by Proof of Process, Proof of Stake, and Proof of History on Solana. Add digital scarcity to physical product promotions and more.

An image displaying half of an illustration of a blue alien while the other half is covered with a lightly visible watermark.

Secure On-chain Collaboration

Watermark Token

During all on-chain communication, this token is visible. Not only as a PNG layer, but as Metadata. Only its burning can authenticate a Creator's work. Visibly Watermark Tokens sit right on top of the Preview Artwork so that the artwork is slightly obscured.

Secure On-chain Collaboration

Process and Review Tokens are created and sent for work submissions and project revisions.

As an Investor you are in complete control of when a project is deemed, "good to go". Give honest feedback. Be detailed. Include examples but if a project is done to your liking, don't hesitate to 'Approve' the work and skip a check-in. If you do have feedback, click 'Request Changes'.

The large spaceship with images of Process and Review tokens in the background hovering around it.