About PocketFuel.io

The Decentralized Freelance Agency

A Branding Agency for Web 3

We specialize in the tokenization of brands on the blockchain and our mission is to provide pragmatic solutions for the use of NFTs in the equitable exchange of digital assets and services.

Until challenged, we consider ourselves the first Decentralized Freelance Agency on Solana. We hope to create a virtual workplace DAO with a DeFi exchange and NFT minting site at its core.

Our ultimate goal is to build a community of Creatives and Investors who collectively own stake in the digital assets they create and trade.

Brands on the blockchain?NFTs present a unique opportunity for businesses to tokenize and trade creative assets with one another. To that end, we facilitate the creation and tokenization of brand identities to the blockchain.

Complete bounties and earn on-chain providence backed by Proof of Process

Investors post Creators complete "Project Bounties" to earn SPL tokens on Solana. The companies that work with us gain peace of mind through Proof of History and permanence verified by the blockchain.

Ownership of all assets remain with PocketFuel.io until transfer of NFTs and final payment for services has been delivered.

Process work and source files of all assets are delivered by email. NFTs are transferred to a Solana wallet of your choosing.

In the event of a secondary sale, 10% will be paid to PocketFuel.io as royalties to be distributed as PKTFL to each creator involved in the project.  

How will it work?

When the DAPP is complete, every image submitted will be minted as an NFT that includes a Watermark layer. Our customers see this Watermark Token until it is burned upon final approval of the work.

Burning the Watermark Token releases the process work and closes the project. Everything happens on-chain, every transaction is transparent but on NFTs with a Burned Water Mark token are considered Authenticated. That's how it works.

A familiar but refreshing experience on Web 3

Designed to resemble web apps like Fiverr and 99Designs, we are introducing a new Web 3 platform on Solana where Creatives can earn royalties on the work they submit.

Investors get NFT backed digital assets they can easily swap and trade. They also gain access to top-tier pros at a fraction of the cost by trading equity– not in their entire company, but in the digital assets they may one day sell.

NFTs on SolSea

The Open NFT Marketplace on Solana
The first NFT marketplace that enables creators to choose and embed licenses when they mint NFTs. Creators know what they are selling, collectors know what they are buying.

Minting NFTs with embedded licenses is finally possible
We chose SolSea because it is the first minting platform that allows creators to embed copyright licenses in NFTs.

Ultra-low cost and multi-currency support
SolSea allows minting, listing and transactions at ultra - low fees in SOL, USDC, USDT.

Rarity index for verified collections
SolSea calculates rarity index and traits statistics for every verified collection.

Public and private listing
SolSea allows creators to make their listed NFTs on sale visible to the public or only privately.

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Mid 2020


Trademarks for PocketFuel.io early 2021 in hopes of creating an NFT marketplace. Since then significant changes were made to the business model to offer more value to the crypto community.

Late 2020

Internal Branding

Branding began on a design-first NFT studio inspired by a crypto-led future in outer space with adventure and discovery at its core. PocketFuel.io chose to CREATE NFTs rather than facilitate trade.

Early 2021

Business development begins

Branding began on a design-first NFT studio inspired by a crypto-led future in outer space with adventure and discovery at its core. PocketFuel.io chose to CREATE NFTs rather than facilitate trade.

October 1, 2021

Website launches

Our first NFT collection features early works from our founder, Hans Turner's high school senior thesis.

Work from:
Orangeburg Wilkinson High School (2007)
Charleston County School of the Arts (2008-2010)

Collection title: 2010 Senior Thesis
Medium: Colored pencil, Oil painting
NFTs: 14 of 14
Drop schedule: Every Friday til 2022
Starting: October 1st @12:00pm EST

Present day

We're hiring!

A message from our founder

After graduating from the Art Institute of Charleston, I was hired as a design intern for a small agency called, Q4Launch. In the 7 years I worked there as the only designer, we launched hundreds of sites and landed on the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list 4 years in a row! The team grew from 4 to 40.

The relationships and experience I gained from that time and since then moving on to work with brands like Facebook and Instagram have significantly shaped many of my views on the business of branding and marketing.

I would like to humbly thank all those who've mentored, worked alongside, pushed, pulled, and motivated me to always improve.

In the spirit of evolution, join me as I leap head first into the business of branding businesses to the blockchain.


Hans Turner

Early Investors in PocketFuel.io

See the value in truly owning digital assets and collecting royalties through proprietorship verified by the blockchain?

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