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What are PFFNY Tokens? Freelance Network Yields or PFFNY (Piffany) for short are tokens that represent dividends of the 10% royalties that the company earns on the secondary sales of NFTs. During the Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO), PFFNY tokens can be bought for $1 a coin. Strategic Partners, Investors, and Creatives can earn tokens by completing Bounties posted to the jobs board.

Everyone who interacts with the Decentralized Freelance Network (DFN) does so after agreeing to the terms and conditions of working with

Although we are Decentralized we deal and brands and the value of our work is judged by the brands that represent us. To work as a full-time employee with you'll need be a PPFNY token holder that has staked at least 100 PFFNY to the network. You must also go through KYC verification to gain a "Verified Creative" badge and a back link to your own website or portfolio. This helps our customers know that they are indeed getting work from their favorite Creatives.

What is an Origin Wallet?

The Origin Wallet is the wallet that mints NFTs and distributes royalties in the form of Origin Credits. In our case it belongs to The origin wallet funds various other accounts including the Team, Ecosystem, Liquidity Pool, Staking Rewards, Strategic Partners, and Marketing accounts.

How much SOL does the Origin Wallet receive in royalties in the event of an NFT sale?

10% of every digital asset sold in a secondary sale is deposited to the Origin Wallet. Within 48 hours Origin Credits are paid to all creatives who worked on the project related to the NFT sold. SOL deposited to the Origin Wallet for the purpose of minting NFTs is counted separately from SOL deposited as royalties. Royalties are never held for more than 48 hours.

Do I still get paid for my work if no one sells their NFT?

Yes, PFFNY Tokens are paid in addition to services provided but are only paid out when an NFT is sold by our client. You can also earn PFFNY by completing various bounties added to the jobs board.

Full contributor

Creatives who take on the entirety of any project earn Origin credits equal to all 10%.

Ex. sale: $50,000
Earnings: $5,000

Half contributor

Two creatives contributing equally to a project, earn Origin credits equaling 5% of the 10%.

Ex. sale: $50,000
Earnings: $2,500

Quarter contributor

Minor contributors earn Origin credits equal to 2.5% of the 10%.

Ex. sale: $50,000
Earnings: $1,250