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Hans Turner
Founder, CEO

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What is

We are a brand illustration and identity design agency specializing in the tokenization of brands on the blockchain. Our intentional and strategic use of illustration in marketing yields higher returns from increased brand recognition and consistency. Creatives that work with us earn Origin credits or dividends of the royalties earned in the secondary sale of NFTs.

What is an Origin Wallet?

The Origin Wallet is the wallet that mints NFTs and distributes royalties in the form of Origin Credits. In our case it belongs to

How much SOL does the Origin Wallet receive in royalties in the event of an NFT sale?

10% of every digital asset sold in a secondary sale is deposited to the Origin Wallet. Within 48 hours Origin Credits are paid to all creatives who worked on the project related to the NFT sold. SOL deposited to the Origin Wallet for the purpose of minting NFTs is counted separately from SOL deposited as royalties. Royalties are never held for more than 48 hours.

Do I still get paid for my work if no one sells their NFT?

Yes, Origin Credits are paid in addition to services provided but are only paid out when an NFT is sold by our client.

Can I cancel my service and be refunded?

Yes, we refund cancellations up to 48 hours after checkout. If you haven't expressed the desire to cancel services by the time we begin working, we may withhold a 5% cancellation fee.