The Degen Freelance Network

What is the CrayonDAOO

An extremely talented group of Creators, Developers, and Investors who collaborate and trade digital assets on-chain. Think of CrayonDAOO as a subcommunity within the larger PocketFuel ecosystem, the name PocketFuel will soon be associated with the consensus method known as Proof of Process.

Operationally, CrayonDAOO would function as a gig marketplace for Creators and Investors where top talent can collaborate on-chain.

A gig marketplace?

We're creating a platform similar to 99Designs, Upwork, or Fiverr but on-chain with all the benefits of NFTs on Solana.

For now the CrayonDAOO will only facilitate the commissioning of Fine Art, Logo design or Brand Illustration. In the future, our processes will expand to accommodate more professional services including Content Creation and Web Design.

Who can join the CrayonDAOO?

Early on, we'll be limiting the use of the CrayonDAOO and Proof of Process to only Degen Trash Panda holders. Any DTP holder can post a Project Bounty but in Phase one, only Crayon Farmers can claim and complete them.

This is so that we can establish some level of control over who sees the product in its earliest stages while we develop the user experience, sniff out bugs, and position the platform with content and branding.

In phase two, we'll begin allowing a larger token gated community to demo Proof of Process on a working platform. All Degen Trash Panda and Degenerate Ape Academy NFT owners would be granted access.

In phase three, anyone can use the DAPP to earn provenance on Solana.

How do I join?

For now start by following CrayonDAOO on Twitter. CrayHans will be dropping alpha on his Twitter account too so be sure to follow, HANS_SOL_OG as well.

Remember that early on only Crayon Farmers can complete bounties so if that's a goal for you be sure to grab one of these from the secondary market.

If you have a Crayon Farmer, you're an artist, and you'd like to be commissioned by the CrayonDAOO please DM either account. Be prepared to show a portfolio of your work.