the governance token of the DFN

(In development)

Governance (In development)

The token, when made available to the community would become the Official Governance Token of the PocketFuel Ecosytem which at this moment includes,, PocketFuelDAO and Degen CrayonDAOO.

The token incentivizes community growth and engagement and powers the payment system that drives our funding and recruitment. The token is currently in development. More details will be announced as we get closer to its announcement.

Total supply: 16,600,000

Utility: Social Governance

Consensus: Proof of Process


How do i purchase the token?

You can't, everything related to the token, its strategy, and functionality are in development.

Can I Earn the token now?

Not right now. The token strategy is in development.

Can I stake it? (In development)

Not yet but plans for staking are in the roadmap.

liquidity pools? (Coming soon)

Not right now.

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