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Initial Liquidity 60%

The Initial Liquidity Offering is essential to our growth. PKTFL tokens will be sold at $1 each to provide liquidity that goes into Ecosystem development, hiring and team funding. When we meet this goal will have become majority decentralized.

$3,920,000 Team Fundraise

$3,920,000 Ecosystem Fundrasie

$3,920,000 Liquidity Pool Fundraise

Staking Rewards 15%

One of the key incentives for our Creatives and Investors alike are the PKTFL tokens we can earn by simply staking the PKTFL we already have.

$2,940,000 Stake Pool ILO



Public Sale 13%

Only 13% of the PKTFL tokens will be available for purchase by the general public.

The general public, will not be paying $1 a coin. Our Strategic Partners, and ILO Providers come first.

Be ready to pay whatever the market suggests if you waited to buy from this bag

Only 2,940,000 PKTFL Tokens will be sold

Strategic Partners 7%

To become a strategic partner you must meet the following qualifications:

Be available once a month for a 1 hour recap with key team members about roadmap progress.

Keep an eye on the larger picture. This is about the Decentralization of Peer to Peer economies.

Genuinely believe in what we're doing. Read our mission statement and be able to pass it along.

Marketing 5%

It's possible to earn PKTFL by completing Network bounties posted by the DFN.

There are a total of 980,000 PKTFL tokens in this treasury.

Funds are deployed to pay Internal marketing bounties.

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